An Extensive Guide For Shipping Your Vehicle from the Dealership

Most car dealerships now provide online purchasing options for customers, allowing them to order from anywhere in the country. Regardless of whether it is new or used, transporting a vehicle you recently purchased from a dealer is significantly simpler. Car dealers cooperate with vehicle transporters to deliver the newest models to their lots. Most dealers are accustomed to working with auto transporters.

If your car is too huge, you won’t have to worry about the carrier picking it up. Also, you do not need to wash your car before shipping because dealers always keep all their cars in excellent shape, whether they are used or new.

Even if your car dealer is unable to arrange a transport service you can contact Ship A Car, Inc. to avail their services. They deliver shipments to any part of the USA. Their agents provide free consultations and reasonable quotes over the phone before you even book them for their service. They provide different types of carriers making it more convenient for you to choose from.

Tips For Shipping a Car from a Dealer

It is a good idea to see the car in person and have it checked out before you purchase it

You have two options for inspecting the car, either you go to the dealer, or you hire someone to do it. By searching for “Prepurchase car inspection”, you can find a supplier who can make it to the dealership you’re interested in buying a vehicle.

Get all Paperwork signed

The two main causes of failed pickups at dealerships are incomplete payments and unsigned paperwork. Just make sure your documentation is signed and returned to the dealership to avoid any problems. Verify that they entered it as well and inform your shipping company of the same so that they can assign you to a carrier.

Verify that your car isn’t overly huge

You can ship a large vehicle from a dealer. However, before you even buy the car ensure that the dealer conveys the same to the shipper. For larger vehicles, flatbeds are more common than traditional carriers. These carriers have rare availability. Special preparations have to be made with your shipper.

Working together is crucial

You must coordinate with both your auto shipping agency and your dealer. Make sure everyone is on the same page before the delivery day arrives. The pickup and delivery dates, timing, and any guidelines or norms from either side should all be included in the communication.

Confirm shipping the car with your dealer

Before you subscribe to anything, inquire with your dealer about shipping your vehicle. Be sure your dealer is comfortable transporting your car outside the country. They should be flexible in terms of the time when the car can be picked up.

Be adaptable

There is a chance that the dealer from which you are purchasing your vehicle may send another vehicle to someone nearby or on your route. If so, transporting the car via the same carrier is more cost- and time-efficient. If you can be flexible with your shipment dates, you might be able to save a few dollars. This also enables the dealer to move numerous cars on lesser loads.

Many shipping companies can provide your car shipping service within or out of state. However, it is wise to contact the dealer because they have many contacts. Dealers always work with reliable and punctual shipping companies.