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Skyrim vigilant of stendarr

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the elder scrolls 5 skyrim - Can I join the Vigilants of Stendarr? - Arqade

Stendarr's Mercy be upon you, for the Vigil has none to spare! The Vigilant of Stendarr. Vigilant Tyranus gets killed during House of Horrors, Vigilant Tolan gets killed charging into Dimhollow Crypt by himself, the entire Hall of the Vigilant gets destroyed at the beginning of Dawnguard, and a whole slew of Vigilants end up getting charmed by a mage to do her bidding. It is for that reason along with the obvious armor rating issue , that make the faction an awkward choice to base a character build on. Nevertheless, I still wanted to try my hand at a Vigilant build, and this was the result.
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Vigilants of Stendarr

It was founded after the Oblivion Crisis to combat the Daedric influence. The Vigilants also seek to root out vampires , werewolves , witches , and other creatures that prey on mortals. If a non-harming spell like Magelight is cast on a member of the Vigilants, they will become hostile and attack. Other members present will not attack the Dragonborn. One way to tell they are vampires is that the dead bodies of the real Vigilants will be close to them, their eyes will be glowing, and they will call out to the Dragonborn, asking them to come closer.
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The Vigilants of Stendarr are a faction of warrior-priests and nomads, [3] dedicated to worship of Stendarr , the god of Mercy. Following the events of the Oblivion Crisis, the Vigilants of Stendarr were founded in order to hunt down the Daedra and Daedra worshippers. Sometime during 4E Vigilant Adalvald discovered Dimhollow Crypt , including its vampiric architecture within. When a vampire discovered the location of Dimhollow Crypt, Harkon sent out a group of vampires to retrieve his daughter and her Elder Scroll. The group, being led by Lokil , went to the Hall of the Vigilant and destroyed it.
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