Exploring the Food Scene in Los Angeles

Avid travelers know that not only is food one of the main attractions in a city, but it’s also some of the best places to explore. A compelling neighborhood will have options between cafes and food carts. So we ask ourselves– what makes LA a desired destination for food lovers?

Seafood and Sushi

Some of the most popular and widely reviewed restaurants and sushi bars are in Los Angeles. What we must assume is that we have a large budget when it comes to finding the best of the best. The most popular seafood spots include restaurants such as Providence, Holbox, and Coni’s Seafood.

You can find farm-raised sustainable caviar, spot prawns, and sea urchin at Providence. Are you looking for a quick meal? Or are you looking to catch up on some work while eating? Order takeout or delivery from Holbox. You can easily have ceviche, tacos, or spicy shrimp brought to your condo or hotel room. Don’t forget to order a Perrier to feel refreshed and ready for the Los Angeles sun.

Sushi lovers can expect to taste heavenly bites at Sushi Gen or Sugarfish. Both locations offer top-notch fresh fish of the highest quality, prepared by renowned chefs. Others rave about UOBEI sushi. You can even place a custom order with them to ensure you receive what you are craving.

Italian and Kid Options

Italian food is a cuisine that the whole family usually enjoys. It’s one of those foods that are comforting, filling, and easy to make yourself. Families looking at houses for rent in Los Angeles will want to know the local family-friendly spots.

Frankies on Melrose is a delicious little spot in Hollywood. Palermo Italian Restaurant is another option that can cater to all ages. They also have an extensive wine selection that parents will enjoy. Additionally, you can’t go wrong with an Italian spot with pizza. Almost everyone can enjoy a slice of pizza.

Children also tend to be big fans of sandwiches– and grown-ups relate! John’s Garden in Malibu has a selection of fresh deli meats, salads, and bowls. Little does your kiddo know that they are enjoying a nutritional meal.

For the pickiest of eaters, your best bet is to head to the Cheesecake Factory. Corn dogs, spaghetti, chicken strips, and french bread pizza are all options on the kid’s menu. As we know– some of these are a child’s favorite food.

Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ has become a hugely popular food in recent years. It’s delicious, it’s fun, and it brings people together. Something is comforting about sharing a meal with those you love. It adds another layer of joy to the whole experience.

Places like Park’s BBQ, BaekJeong Ktown, and Genwa Korean BBQ are among the best-reviewed in the Los Angeles area. Top off your Korean BBQ experience with soju or Makgeolli. Both of these are traditional Korean beverages. Soju is a bitter wine made from barley or potatoes, and Makgeolli is a rice wine.

Whether your favorite dish is sushi, Korean BBQ, or a corn dog– we hope this list guides your stomach through Los Angeles. However, don’t take our word for it. These spots deserve all the love they can get– so get out there and give them your business! Your belly will thank you later.