BBQs 2u’s Latest MasterBuilt Innovation Arrives with Portable Barbecues

Grilling enthusiasts can rejoice as BBQs 2u has launched the MasterBuilt Portable barbecues that impart the flavour of smoky charcoal with the ease of gas.

BBQs 2u has been one of the leading independent authorised retailers of MasterBuilt Series, Kamado Joe, Napoleon barbecue, and Ooni Pizza ovens as well as their accessories.

It is their passion as a family-owned barbecue business since 2000 that they can provide both gas and charcoal barbecues.

Their excellent customer service and fantastic after-sales support has made them one of the best barbecue sellers in the UK.

When it comes to portability and compact design, The MasterBuilt Portable Charcoal Grill stands prominent in the ground. This is an ideal grill for every occasion, whether you are going camping, hosting a beach party, or simply want to cook for your family and friends.


Portability is one of the most exceptional features of MasterBuilt Portable BBQs. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry around anywhere you go and also store it in your house or garage.

At 16 pounds, the Masterbuilt Portable Charcoal Grill is quite light that can be carried by one person. The two side handles make moving it around simple.

This Portable Charcoal Grill runs on electricity or can be powered by 4 AA batteries if you are out traveling or camping. The fan inside the grill regulates the temperature and turns on each time more heat is required.

The Charcoal MiniHopper can hold up to 1.5 pounds of briquettes, which is sufficient for 4 hours of cooking.

The lid lock of the MasterBuilt Portable Charcoal Grill can be securely closed when the grill is moved from one place to another. It also means that there is no need to empty the ashes at the location.

Generous cooking area

The compact size of the MasterBuilt Portable BBQs does not indicate that the cooking space will be compromised.

The grill features a generous cooking space of 138 square inches, which allows you to grill two full chickens, 15 sausages, or up to eight hamburgers at once.

The built-in thermometer makes it simple to check the food’s temperature, which ranges from 250F to 500F and gives to lots of options to try your favourite grilled dishes.

SteadyTemp dial

The SteadyTemp dial allows you to maintain the temperature for perfect cooking. Adjust the required exact cooking temperature by simply turning the dial and cooking anything from eggs to steak at a versatile temperature.

QuickCollapse cart

MasterBuilt Portable BBQs come with a QuickCollapse cart for quick and easy folding for easy transportation. The cart can be removed if you want to use the grill on the top of a table.

Two wheels of 6 inches on the right side allow you to easily move the cart with the grill on top anywhere while on a camping ground or the patio.

The MasterBuilt Portable BBQs allow the ease and convenience of using a charcoal grill at your favourite spots. BBQs 2u ensures you get the best MasterBuilt Portable BBQs model the very next day of booking at no shipping cost.

Buy one today, take it anywhere, and grill to your heart’s content.