Why Businesses Should Consider Using A Lantech Wrapping Machine

Lantech wrapping machine

The last step in your production process, the packaging, is the first thing your customers see when they receive your goods. The two most crucial components of any successful packaging are effectiveness and uniformity.

Wrapping is easy, yet hand stretch wrapping results in errors. It is now simpler for businesses to invest in a Lantech wrapping machine to accommodate their daily activities.

Advantages of Using a Lantech Wrapping Machine to Package Your Goods

Protection of Goods from Damage, Dust, and Moisture

Your goods will be securely wrapped when you utilize the appropriate stretch wrapping machine, preventing any potential moisture, dirt, or dust damage.

Enhanced Safety

Lantech wrapping machine systems keep your operator on the forklift, which is a safety precaution in and of itself. A recent survey revealed that humans moving about the warehouse floor using forklifts causes 20% of all accidents.

Therefore, keeping the forklift operators on board keeps them off the ground and concentrating on their duties. Your staff will be protected if you switch to an automatic stretch-wrapping machine because hand stretch wrapping leads to wear and tear damage.

The operators of Lantech wrappers have to do very little. The forklift wraps the pallet or items by pulling a cord. A pallet that is physically wrapped can quickly topple, resulting in damage to your goods and the operator and inconsistent, safe wrapping that is prepared for transportation.

Saves Time

You may save a ton of time by buying a wrapping machine. Pallets, crates, and other merchandise can be laborious and time-consuming to wrap manually. However, using an automatic stretch wrapping machine to wrap your products and boxes for storage or transit will save you a ton of time and effort that you can put toward other crucial business operations.

Reduce your film costs

A semi-automated and automatic Lantech wrapping machine will save your company money on expensive film costs compared to manual wrapping. Two film thread rollers are used in Lantech wrapping machines, with the second roller rotating faster than the first. The stretch lowers overall expenses while enhancing the film’s tensile strength.

Accelerated Packaging

An automatic Lantech wrapping machine with a PLC control will assist your company meet its bulk packaging needs by streamlining the packaging process. Stretch wrapping equipment from Orion can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Choosing this is preferable to purchasing a typical machine with typical specifications, features, and accessories.

Effective Product Packaging

When you employ a Lantech wrapping system for all your bulk packaging needs, you can guarantee consistency in the stretch and efficiency of your product wrapping, which is otherwise not achievable with hand stretch wrapping. The stretch and effectiveness of packaging your products can vary while using the manual wrapping procedure.

Increased Productivity

Investing in a Lantech wrapping machine will help your company become more productive. Your operators won’t have to wait for wrapping cycles to start and stop. The wrapping begins and ends automatically when a pallet is put on a conveyor or when a cord is pulled.

The demand for manual human intervention has been superseded by packaging automation. Businesses today have embraced these wrapping techniques to create production efficiency.